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Unbelievable Facts about Simple Dental Insurance

Simple dental insurance. I am sure most of you out there that are looking for their first dental insurance are confused on choosing the best dental insurance plan for you. Finding a good and simple dental insurance is not an easy task especially if you’re looking for simple dental insurance for a company.
Most of the dental insurance plan available on the market offers coverage based on the dental health care procedure. For instance, the AARP through their Delta Plan A offers a 100% cost coverage for diagnostic and preventive procedures, 80% for semi-advanced dental care procedures cost, and 50% for advanced dental procedures cost.

Other insurance plan offers 80% coverage for preventive and diagnostic procedures, and 50% for semi-advanced and advanced dental care cost.

We’re not saying that these conventional dental insurance plans are bad. In fact, everybody should realize that having a dental insurance is a necessity because ensuring your oral health is extremely important. Dental care is indeed expensive, and that is where the dental insurance plays its role.

Traditional VS Simple Dental Insurance

We’ve repeatedly recommended our readers to always pay attention to their preferred dental insurance terms of services. Checking out the policy, you may find exclusions, restrictions or limitations.

Some of the examples of general limitations include:

  • Oral examinations covered if there are no other services performed during the visit than X-Rays.
  • Multiple amalgam restorations on one surface will be treated as a single filling
  • Limited 1 time bitewing radiographs per year
  • Limited 2 films of extraoral radiographs per year
  • Sealants is limited to covered person under 16 years of age and once every 5 years for first and second molar.
  • Crowns are limited to once every five years, and covered only if a filling cannot restore the tooth.
  • Hard and soft periodontal surgery once every 36 months.
  • Etc

the benefits of simple dental insurance from the official site

Meanwhile, the general exclusions usually includes

  • Unnecessary dental procedures
  • Hospitalization or other facility changes
  • Cosmetic or aesthetics dental treatments
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Experimental or unproven procedures according to the insurance company judgment
  • Dental implants or dental prosthetics placement
  • Etc.

It is very hard for patients to remember all this, which is why the Simple dental insurance comes with a simple solution. They offer a simple solution: covering ANY type of procedure needed with a fixed number with no lifetime max. Unfortunately, the Federal Law mentioned that teeth whitening procedure cannot be covered by dental insurance, which is why it is in the Simple dental insurance exclusion list. They are flexible, and the representative is more than happy to show you the plans that suit your budget.

the benefits of simple dental insurance from the official site

Some of the simple options that you may choose include:

  • 60%, 70% or 80% paid on all claims.
  • Adding copayment to each office visit to reduce the premium.
  • Follow the family dental plan with higher max benefit that can be shared by the family.
  • You can even offer two plans options for your employees.

There’s one thing to remember, though. Although the plan seems to be interesting, the company is fairly new. It was founded in 2006, and still has rooms for growth. This means that the insurance company doesn’t cover all States. According to their official site, currently they are operating in 18 States, with the headquarters located in Georgia, Atlanta. Some of their reputed clients include California Restaurant Association, Treasure Island Las Vegas, Jim Ellis, Borgatta Hotel Casino and Spa, Mohawk, and Coldwater Creek.

The company is focused on providing dental insurance for family and company. If you’re looking for a simple individual dental insurance plan, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

Image Source: simple.us (Official site for Simple Dental Insurance)

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