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TIPS: Postoperative Care after Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Some people have normal wisdom teeth which can be extracted in a normal way. However, there are others who have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs surgical procedure. Today we’re going to talk about the post op care after wisdom teeth removal, because we’ve talked about the impacted teeth in our other post.

Even though it is often considered as one of the trickiest dental procedure, dental surgery successful rate is actually very high. However, in order for you to heal properly and avoid infection after wisdom teeth removal, you need to know the impacted wisdom teeth post surgery aftercare!

Postoperative Care After Wisdom Teeth Extraction Right after the Surgery

Just after the surgery is an important part of your aftercare. The dental surgeon will put a gauze pad at the empty socket, and you need to keep it there for around 30 minutes. Remove the gauze after that and replace it with a new one. You will notice that there is still some blood oozing out, but it is normal and it will be better as time passes. Do not rinse rigorously because it may dislodge the blood clot and cause more bleeding. You can bite on a damp tea bag for a half an hour to help the bleeding to stop. Remember, bite, and don’t chew.

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After an hour the anesthesia may wear off and you may start to feel discomfort and pain. Take the prescribed pain killers given by the dentist to lessen the pain. It is also important not to rinse excessively, especially during the first 24 hours after the surgery to avoid dislodged blood clot.

You may also experience swelling or bruising on your cheek, chin or eyes area at the side where the surgery was performed. This is also normal, so don’t panic. To ensure the swelling doesn’t get worse, it is recommended to place ice packs on the affected side during the first 24 hours. Always use it unless you are asleep.

On the second day, the swelling may look bigger. On this day forward it is best to replace the cold ice packs with hot packs for the next two days. Hopefully the combination between the compress and the medication after wisdom teeth surgery will hasten the speed of recovery.

Post Surgical Care Wisdom Teeth Removal: Food and Diet

Post Surgical Care Wisdom Teeth Removal Diet

Now what to eat after wisdom tooth removal? Here’s our recommendation. First off, always remember to drink directly from glass and avoid using straws during the first three days. During the first 24 hours you are recommended to eat soft foods such as pudding or ice cream and drink plenty of water or milk (don’t forget to rinse gently after). It is recommended to increase your intake of protein and calorie during your recovery.

Can I brush? Yes you can, gently on the night after the surgery. Gentle rinsing is also important after eating using a cup of combined warm water and salt

Last but not least, during your post surgery care wisdom teeth it is important to understand the importance of the prescribed medication. Usually the dentist will include antibiotics. REMEMBER, antibiotics should be taken strictly according to the prepared schedule. It will prevent bad things such as infection after wisdom tooth removal, avoiding you from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

That’s all. If you have further questions about postoperative care after wisdom teeth removal, please kindly fill out the comment box under with your questions.

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