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Q&A: I have Sudden Tooth Sensitivity to Hot or Cold.

We’ve recently received an email from one of our readers named Elizabeth. She told us that she suddenly felt her tooth sensitive to hot or cold recently, and she’s wondering what could be the cause of this sensitivity and how to deal with it. At first we were going to reply the email right away, but then again we thought that writing the answer down in this blog will give more benefits. Elizabeth can read them, and other people having similar problem may also read them.

We’ve talked about several possible tooth sensitivity causes before, but we will explain it briefly in this post. Basically tooth sensitivity is caused by two possible conditions, which are the eroded enamel that expose the dentin or the receding gum line that expose the tooth’s root below the gum.

sensitive tooth to hot or cold

There are various habits and medical conditions that may be responsible for the exposed dentin, including tooth decay, over brushing, eating acidic foods, excessive plaque, etc. Except for the tooth decay, the process is slow, with years for these habits to take effect. It’s pretty easy to spot a tooth decay, but how about the others? If you suddenly feel pain or tooth sensitivity to hot or cold, there’s a chance that the layer of enamel has finally worn out and your dentin is exposed.

We’ve written about tooth sensitivity remedies you can try at home, but most of them are temporary solution. There are medical solution for this, but it will cost you some bucks because you have to make an appointment with a dentist. It is important to know that most insurance companies don’t cover the cost of tooth sensitivity treatment. We have written about this in our previous post about how to fix sensitive tooth, so if you’re interested in reading it please visit the provided link.

Sudden Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

I hope that this can answer Elizabeth’s question on her sudden tooth sensitivity to hot or cold.


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