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Q&A about Dental Care for People with Special Needs

There are many kinds of people with special needs. Some have limited movements due to physical disabilities, some may have learning disabilities or anxiety, and some other may be in a severe medical problems. These people need some special care, and the same goes for the dental treatments.

Dental Care for People with Special Needs

Who can help provide dental care for people with special needs?

If the disability renders the patient from being able to visit the dentist office, there are some dentist offices that are willing to arrange house visits. It is also possible to visit hospitals or health centers because these places offer better equipment, allowing more comprehensive solution.

dental care for people with disabilities

The first step would be allowing the dentist to assess the situation. Make an appointment with your dentist and then the dentist will give a referral letter to a more suitable facility. This referral is important because the dentist will share your medical and dental history to the dental team at the hospital.

That way, the dental team gets proper health information about the patient, including any possible allergies, medicines that the patient is taking, recent operation, etc. Should there be any anxiety problems, then the dental team will know it beforehand and can prepare proper action.

How about dental care for children with special need?

dental care for children with disabilities

Specialist dental service is also available for children with anxiety, learning disabilities or other form of medical condition. Some dental clinics are customized for children too, which is usually referred as pediatric dental clinic. The best course of action would be take the children to visit a pediatric dentist, and if that’s not working the dentist will refer you to the health center such as hospital to get specialized dental services.

Is it possible to ask for sedation dental care?

Sedation is the last resort used by dentists to calm the patient. Usually the dentist will try to calm the patient by talking, hypnosis, etc. However, if that’s not working there are two sedation method that are commonly used, including sedation using injection (intravenous sedation) and Relative Analgesia sedation. Typically the dentists prefer the Relative Analgesia sedation because it is safe and simple.

That being said, sedation dentistry is not suitable for everyone. The dentist will need to be sure that the patient is suitable for such procedure.

Last but not least, it is important to keep your mouth healthy and clean. Always practice good oral hygiene (which the dentist may refer you to the dental hygienist that can show you how). I hope this post is able to adequately answer your question about dental care for people with disabilities.

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