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Is Sugar Free Chewing Gum Safe for your Teeth?

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Before we answer that question, let’s talk about the definition of this gum. Many believe that chewing gum can cause tooth decay, and some believe even chewing sugar free version can still cause dental decay and other problems due to its chemicals. Is it true?

The answer to whether there is any side effect is partly yes and partly no. There are many sugar free chewing gum brands, some contains ingredients that are totally safe and beneficial, while some others have those questionable ingredients. The point is that you should carefully examine the sugar free chewing gum ingredients and make sure that it is safe.

Typically this kind of gum uses a substitute sweetener of sugar. The sweetener used varies between brands, but in general there are two types of sweetener used: aspartame and xylitol. The one that is often related to other health problems is said to be aspartame, so the obvious choice would be searching sugar free chewing gum with xylitol ONLY as its main sweetener. Some dentists even recommend chewing this xylitol gum between meals, especially if you don’t have time to brush.

Why is Sugar Free Chewing Gum Good for my Teeth?

The reason is because xylitol is a sweetener that can reduce the decay causing bacteria in your saliva, and it also fends off some particular bacteria too! Moreover, it can replace the minerals in the tooth enamel, helping your body to reverse the tooth decay by a bit. Don’t be fooled by the name. Xylitol is actually a natural sweetener taken from berries, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. If you don’t have to brush, chew the xylitol chewing gum for at least 20 minutes. Moreover, chewing good sugar-free gum can also help with dry mouth and bad breath that are caused by reduced saliva flow.

Since this type of gum doesn’t contain any sugar, the gum doesn’t cause tooth decay. We’ve had a chance to try several brands and we found that the taste is just as good as the ones using sugar. There are lots of flavors to choose from, so don’t worry.

What are the recommended sugar-free chewing gum brands?

Well, this is our personal opinion and we base our opinion on the brands that we’ve tried. Obviously, this means that there are still many brands out there that are good too. The most important thing is to see the ingredients!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please do remember that we are NOT affiliated with any of the brands we mention below. We write their brands simply based on our experience.

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Some of the recommended brands include

  • Xylichew – aspartame free, with Cinnamon, fruit, spearmint, black licorice, spearmint, peppermint flavors.
  • Peelu – uses isomalt, xylitol and stevia (three natural sweeteners). It also has antibacterial effect. The flavors available are cinnamon, spearmint, citrus, and peppermint.
  • Spry – aspartame free and sweetened only by xylitol. The flavors include green tea, fresh fruit, cinnamon, spearmint and peppermint.
  • Pür Gum – If you have food allergies and worry about the ingredient in the sugar free chewing gum, go with this. It is safe for allergic people and uses xylitol as the sweetener.

Last but not least, we would like to remind everybody using the gum to throw away the gum after you use in a responsible manner. Wrap the gum and throw it away into a bin. That way it won’t cause any sticky mess.

I hope this post can clarify the use, the recommended brands and the common ingredients of sugar free chewing gum.

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