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Dental Assistant Interview Questions Examples

Here’s our insider’s guide to dental assistant interview questions examples and answers. It doesn’t matter whether you are entry level dental assistant looking for your first job or you’re an experienced dental assistant looking for a better career. Most of the questions asked in the interview is pretty much the same.

In today’s post you will learn about some of the most common interview questions asked by the dentist office. We will also provide you with some ideas about the answers. But make sure you adjust the answers according to your own experience and expertise, okay?

Examples of Dental Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

These are some of the common and standard questions asked that will determine your  experience, opinion, behavior, etc:

1. QUESTION: Why do you think you’re qualified for the position of a dental assistant in this office?

ANSWERS (entry-level): I have studied dental assisting for 18 months and I was one of the best students in my class. I also have hours of internship experience and practice at the dental school. I have all the necessary skills as a qualified dental assistant.

ANSWERS (experienced): I am a Registered Dental Assistant in this State and have several years of experience of dental assisting. I am well prepared to work and expand my knowledge further in a dental office the caliber of this office.

2. QUESTION: Did you and your previous dentist get along well? Tell me about your last experience working with a dentist.

ANSWERS (entry-level): I am excited to say that this will be my first job since graduating from a dental school

ANSWERS (experienced): We were a good team. I learned a lot from my previous dentist and gained valuable experience. My chair side assisting was particularly amazing.

3. QUESTION: What are your strength as a dental assistant?

ANSWERS (entry-level): I am a fast learner and an efficient worker. I always do my best to provide the best service for my customers. I have substantial knowledge from my dental assisting education and I am motivated.

ANSWERS (experienced): I am highly dependable and have significant experience in 4 handed dentistry. I have always been a professional worker with great attitude towards my customers. I can work under pressure and I am accustomed to it.

4. QUESTION: Where do you see your career in five years?

ANSWERS (entry-level): I see my self as a Certified Dental Assistant that is on her way to become a lead assistant in this office. I will be one of the indispensable assets of this office.

ANSWERS (experienced): Within 5 years I would be a confident and successful lead dental assistant with a lot of experience and is sought by the patients.

dental assistant interview questions and answers examples

Aside of the standard questions, there will also be several technical dental assistant interview questions, for example:

5. QUESTION: Do you know 4-handed dentistry?

ANSWERS : Yes, I do. It’s a method for dental procedure where the dentist and dental assistant work together to improve the success rate of a dental procedure.

6. QUESTION: Tell me the things a dental assistant should do before the patient arrive at the office

ANSWERS: First is to make sure that the appointments have been managed. Second, the dental assistant should review the patient’s dental history accurately. She also have to review the payment history of the patient.

7. QUESTION: Explain the initial procedure when the patient is seated in front of the dentist.

ANSWERS: There are many things that should be prepared. For instance, the dental assistant should deliver the patient’s file to the doctor, adjust the seat, set up the aprons, prepare the instruments and medicines (if necessary) and measure the patient’s blood pressure, etc.

8. QUESTION: What is the most important job for the dental assistant?

ANSWERS: I think the most important job would be sterilizing the instruments to avoid infections. Another equally important job is to keep the patient comfortable and calm, because that would make the whole dental procedure much easier.

There might be other variations in the questions and answer above. There are also other standard interview questions that will be useful for the interviewer to determine your nature, determination, behavior, team work and managerial skills.

The most important thing is to bring a positive energy to the interview room. Show that you’re confident and you will get that job in your hand. Good luck and I hope this dental assistant interview question examples can help you prepare.

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