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Infection after Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Dos and Don’ts

As we have mentioned over and over again, wisdom tooth extraction can be considered as the toughest extraction faced by many dentists and patients. We honestly wonder about the people that give the ‘wisdom’ to this last molar, even though for some people it can only give them troubles. Trouble tooth, that’s what it should be called.

Back to the topic, there are several things that may happen following a wisdom tooth extraction. The success rate of this type of extraction is pretty high, but there’s a small percentage of patient that’s experiencing infection after wisdom tooth extraction.

infection after wisdom tooth extraction removal

Depending on the difficulty, your dentist may remove the wisdom tooth manually or send you to a dental surgeon. If there’s an infection, you will be prescribed with antibiotics to remove the infection prior to the removal/surgery.

Infection that happens after the wisdom tooth removal is usually caused by several things, but most of them are related to the aftercare. Please refer to our post here that talk a lot about how to properly recover after wisdom tooth extraction. You may also be interested to learn about the infected wisdom tooth symptoms

Infection after Wisdom Tooth Removal Dos and Dont’s

If you read that post, you will realize that you need to pay attention to the first 24 hours, and then the next 48 – 72 hours. During this time, it is EXTREMELY important to:

  1. Leave the gauze at the socket for the first 30 minutes
  2. Stop spitting the blood and avoid brushing in the first 24 hours
  3. Avoid using straws during recovery
  4. Avoid eating hard food for one or two weeks
  5. Etc (for more info, please visit the link we provided above)

Most of the infection cases start with food particles stuck inside of the empty wisdom tooth socket. These food particles rot and promote the bacteria to swarm inside the socket, which may lead to dry socket or infection, signed with constant, sharp pain. People having a normal wisdom tooth removal will feel that the pain lessen each day gone by.

If you feel that the pain won’t go away after three or four days after the surgery or the removal, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. Remember: infection after wisdom tooth removal can spread, so it is best to tackle the problem as early as possible.


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