I have Impacted Wisdom Teeth - What Now?

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treatment

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth– Wisdom teeth is the third and last molar teeth that grow in at the back of your mouth. They don’t show up when we were kids, instead, the growth of wisdom teeth starts when you are 18 to 24 years old.

Some people have a normal wisdom teeth growth, but some other are not as fortunate. There are many cases where people have abnormal growth of wisdom teeth, which is often caused by the limited space at the back of your mouth. This limited space may lead to non-erupted wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth that grow in a wrong angle.

There’s nothing wrong with non-erupted wisdom teeth because they are still considered normal by most dentists. However, when you have an erupted wisdom teeth that grow in the wrong direction, you may face the impacted wisdom teeth problems.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treatment

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When dentists encounter someone with impacted wisdom teeth, they usually recommend the patient to have the impacted wisdom teeth removed. The first reason is because removing the tooth is the most affordable way of treatment, and the second and most important reason behind this is the plethora of possible problems that comes with this condition.

Impacted wisdom teeth are hard to clean, therefore it would be the perfect place for bacteria. Once the bacteria number is big enough, they can give you tooth decay, gum diseases, or pericoronitis. When your wisdom tooth decays, you can expect some sharp pain and extreme sensitivity everytime you try to eat or drink something. Some people even experience the pain constantly. This wisdom tooth decay can spread to the nearest teeth too! Therefore, it would be best for you to remove the wisdom teeth as soon as possible if the growth is abnormal.

The impacted wisdom teeth removal can be done by dentist or oral surgeon, depending on the difficulty of the task. My dentist took out my impacted wisdom teeth using the regular method, but oral surgeon service may be needed if you have a damaged impacted wisdom teeth with pericoronitis or other infections.

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Last but not least, we would like to remind you that you can avoid the discomfort simply by visiting your dentist regularly every six months. During the checkup the dentist will examine your overal oral health, which may include the impacted wisdom teeth examination. If your dentist found out that your wisdom teeth have the possibility to become impacted wisdom tooth, he or she may recommend you to remove it.

I hope this post can give you a clear information about the reason why you should remove impacted wisdom teeth along with its treatment options.

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