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Free CPD for Dental Nurses

Free CPD for dental nurses can be obtained from various sources. As you may know, the United States Dental Nurses Association has set exact amount of CPD hours for Registered Dental Nurses (RDN). Failure in fulfilling the CPD may result in RDN status termination or suspension. In most states, the required CPD hours to be fulfilled in five years are 150 hours. This number is divided into two categories. First is the non-verifiable CPD hours that is equal to 100 hours, and second is the verifiable CPD hours that is equal to at least 50 hours.

Free CPD for Dental Nurses

I think it is clear that getting non-verifiable CPD hours is free and rather easy, because you are not required to provide any sort of proof for your personal development activities. These activities are all self-directed, and they cover a lot of aspects in your job that improve your knowledge as a dental nurse. Some examples of the common activities listed as non-verifiable CPD hours are personal studies, reading journals, multimedia researches, etc.

Free CPD for Dental Nurses Online

Therefore, this time we will focus on giving you information on how you can get free CPD for dental nurses in United States:

The first source I found is from They provide free CPD for dental nurses, and all you have to do is:

  • sign up for an account in dentalnursenetwork
  • after you’ve become a member of this site, click on the free CPD on the tabs above the site (the button is near the logo)
  • You will see three options: Verifiable CPD, Free CPD for Nurses, and Non-verifiable CPD
  • Of course, click on the Free CPD for nurses.
  • there will be several titles. Pick one (For example, Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice)
  • Now you’ve gained access to the dental nurse network’s free CPD
  • You will need at least 50% score to achieve your CPD certificate
  • After finishing the test, just click on the Certificate link and print.

That’s it! The Free CPD’s are not many, but they are indeed free. There are other sites like dentalnursenetwork that offer free CPD, just do a little search and I am sure you can find them on Google. My point is that the amount of free CPD online is rather limited. I personally think that it would be better if dental nurses invest a small amount of money for the membership of these online CPD courses and test providers. By becoming their member, you can get full access and can fulfill your verifiable CPD hours requirement in no time.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for free non-verifiable CPD online, you can go to the Dental Business Academy that provides a lot of reading materials. They have various and rather complete information on various knowledge needed to improve your skills as dental nurse.

Please send us a tip if you find more free CPD for dental nurses !

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