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Does Delta Dental Cover Dentures? What Are the Limitations?

Does Delta Dental cover dentures? The answer is yes, even though there is a limitation that applies. In general, the benefit of dental insurance dentures is subject to certain limitation. Delta Dental only covers full lower and/or upper dentures that aren’t to exceed one in a 5-year period, or 60 months. In addition to that, any denture relines are limited to only one each denture during the 12-consecutive months.

Does Delta Dental Cover Dentures

What about the partial dentures? Does Delta Dental cover dentures for this too? It does, however they aren’t to be replaced in a 5-year period, unless the replacement is caused by natural tooth loss where replacement or addition of teeth is not feasible to the existing partial. In general, dentures or any treatment related to prosthodontics are considered as a major restorative treatment and subject to a waiting period.

However, does Delta Dental cover dentures for the theft or loss of removable and fixed prosthetics? Unfortunately, this service isn’t covered by Delta Dental, be it partial or full dentures, bridges, or crowns. Typically, since dentures are considered as a part of major service, the waiting period will take longer. And unless you opt for the better dental cover plan, you will end up spending more.

Does Delta Dental Cover Dentures? How Much do You Pay?

The Delta Dental cover dentures with a copayment system. Based on a document released by, below are the denture-related policy of the Delta Dental:

Denture Coverage

Removable partial denture or complete denture: $70 copayment
Denture adjustments and implant repairs : $60 copayment
Denture repairs, relining and rebasing dentures to improve their fit: $120 copayment

Limitations on Denture Coverage

They DO NOT cover cosmetic work done on dentures
They DO NOT cover replacement of a lost, missing, or stolen denture

In regard to replacement: Replacing a defective existing partial or complete denture is covered when the defective existing partial or complete denture is at least seven years old.

I hope you can find this is a satisfying answer to the question of does Delta Dental cover dentures. Please share your experience using the comment box under!


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  1. Miriam Pagan

    September 5, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Hello I have Delta Dental and was approved for partial dentures but the base of this partial is metal and i’m a dietbetic and i’m afraid if i get cut,is there another material that is covered by Delta please help?

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