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Dental Grants for Veterans: Assistance Program Available!

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Dental assistance for veterans typically doesn’t come in the form of grants. But is there any help available? We’ve mentioned a lot of time that dental care is a crucial part of general health. However, due to various reasons many veterans cannot afford getting a proper dental care from private dentists in their local area.

Fortunately, the government through the Department of Veterans Affair offers some dental programs for veterans and disabled veterans. There is indeed some eligibility requirements to receive such help to ensure that the VA won’t be running out of money allocated for the veterans’ health care too fast. In general, the common requirement is that the applicant was not dishonorably discharged.

Dental Assistance for Veterans and Disabled Veterans

There’s quite a bit of difference for outpatient dental care benefits for veterans compared to the standard VA medical benefits. The VA will regard various aspects and may put you in a designated class. Each class has its own benefit and limitation. According to, the classes are divided into Class I, II, IIA, IIB, IIC, III, IV, V and VI.

Class I consisted of veterans who have sustained dental disability during service. This class covers all dental benefits. Meanwhile, the class II is aimed for veterans who are discharged after serving in Persian Gulf war (dishonorably discharged veterans aren’t eligible). Class IIA class covers any dental care necessary for veterans who have service-connected dental disability caused by combat wounds or service trauma.

Class IIIB provides a one-time dental care (for any procedure as long as it is medically necessary) for veterans who are receiving care and may be homeless.  Class IIIC provides any dental care for veterans who are former prisoners of war.

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For more complete information please refer to the Department of Veteran Affairs’ publication on the list of dental benefits for veterans here. To apply, visit or contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs office near you.

The VA also works together with some dental clinics to held free dental care for disabled veterans and non-disabled veterans. One example of this is the program from Aspen Dental which was started back in June this year. We recommend contacting the Aspen Dental and ask about the possible event schedule.

I sincerely hope that our answer is satisfactory even though you cannot find dental grants for veteran. The programs are available throughout the year so it would be best to start applying from now.



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