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Dental Anesthesiologist: What is that?

We notice that we haven’t given our readers any information about dental anesthesiologist. This is a short post that will briefly explain what is dental anesthesiologist and what they do. In the future, we will also give you additional information related to this profession including its salary, job outlook, etc.

As you may have expected, the dental anesthesiologist have a close relation to anesthesia. As you know, most of the dental procedure can be done under minimum discomfort, so typically local anesthesia is sufficient. However, under special circumstances there may be a need for sedation or general anesthesia for a dental procedure.

Dental Anesthesiologist – What They Do

sedation dentistry by dental anesthesiologist image

General anesthesia or sedation may be an option when the dentist or the oral surgeon find the procedure is very complicated, or they have a patient that has extreme fears of dentist or people that require special attention. This is where dental anesthesiologist play their role.

Dental anesthesiologist will help the dentist or the oral surgeon to provide sedation or general anesthesia to eliminate the pain during the procedure, allowing the dentist to work in an utmost concentration because the patient is basically asleep and feel no pain. This method is also a great option to eliminate stress and emotional discomfort during the procedure, so that the patient can be more relax.

It is important to note that in general, the sedation or the general anesthesia method is not supported by dental insurance, because most of the dental insurance companies believe that the standard anesthesia is sufficient for most of the procedures.

In general, the profession has a very promising future (financially). Sedation dentistry has always been expensive, with the sedation or the anesthesia cost alone can reach $400 to $1,000 per person. With that average fee, the dental anesthesiologist annual salary can be more than $200,000 per year.

sedation dentistry image - general anesthesia

However, becoming dental anesthesiologist is not easy and takes a long time. There are years of education and trainings you have to undergo. We will explain everything related to this profession in our future post, including the answer to the question of how long does it take to become a dental anesthesiologist.

Last but not least, please share some comments under and tell us your experience using the service from dental anesthesiologist. To be honest, I have never tried one because it is simply out of my budget. How about you? Have you ever undergone a complex dental procedure that require general anesthesia or sedation?


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