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Crazy Ways to Save Money on Dental Implants

Desperate on getting dental implant? Well, here’s a crazy way on how to save money on dental implants. As you may have known, this procedure cost A LOT. Some people are lucky enough to have a dental insurance that cover dental implant procedure, but most people don’t get the same luxury.

Some may apply for dental insurance in the wrong time, when their tooth already need to be replaced. Meanwhile, some other are in excruciating pain and they are still on the waiting period of their dental insurance. FYI, dental implants have around 1 year of waiting period in most insurances in United States.

It is often that these people ended up digging their own pocket for the procedure. Therefore, it is important to learn how to save money on dental implants.

How to Save Money on Dental Implants

how to save on dental implants

Here’s one crazy way to save money on your dental implants: go abroad. It is no surprise anymore that dental care in United States is very expensive compared to the dental care cost in foreign countries.

For people in United States, getting dental care in Mexico may be one of these options. In general, dentists in Mexico will charge you 40% to 60% lower compared to dentists in United States. However, the number of competent dentists is not as much as in the U.S.

Therefore, it is important to learn about the dentist you want to visit. Ask many questions about the experience and training that the dentist have done. If they refuse to answer or offended, just leave the dentist office. Dental implants need to be performed by dentists who specialize in dental implant procedures.

Ask them:

  1. What type of training do you get? (look for the ones with formal 3 years specialty program)
  2. How often do you place implants?
  3. How long have you been doing implants placement or restoration?
  4. What is your success rate?

The most important question would be the first question. The rules aren’t very strict in this country. A dentist may perform dental implant as long as they have completed weekend seminars etc. Always choose the ones with serious training. If you’re able to find dentists with professional certification, that would be even better.

The second most important question is the experience. This is very crucial especially if you want to place multiple implants or you have a serious problem with your dental health such as periodontal disease.

I hope this crazy way to save money on dental implants can help you find affordable and cheap dentist office with good quality.

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